Office of Research, UC Riverside
Office of Research Integrity

Responsible Conduct of Research Requirements


(1) National Academy of Sciences: On Being a Scientist. Excellent introduction to the topic.

(2) North Carolina State University - excellent set of course modules on various RCR issues.

(3)  NIH Office of Research Integrity

(4)  Workshop on Ethics Education and Scientific and Engineering Research.  (2009).

(5) Council of Graduate Schools: Project for Scholarly Integrity

(6) FASEB. Statement on Including Postdoctoral Mentoring Plans in Research Grant Applications
Individual Development Plan for Postdoctoral Fellows -

RCR Web sites at other Institutions

(1)  Columbia

(2)  HHS ORI

(3)  The UCLA page has links that bring the many agency, UC and UCLA policies all together.

(4)  Wisconsin has a good landing page and explanations

(5)  Online Ethics Center:

Case studies

(1)  University of Minnesota Teaching Ethics for Research, Scholarship, & Practice:

(2) Muriel J. Bebeau. Moral Reasoning in Scientific Research.