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UCR Research and Economic Development Newsletter:  July 5, 2016

Michael Pazzani

Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development

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Grant Opportunity Search:


·         $100M and Change from the MacArthur Foundation

·         California Initiative to Advance Precision Medicine

·         Limited Submission:  NSF Partnerships for International Research and Education

·         Limited Submission:  DOD HBCU/MI Equipment/Instrumentation Grants

·         Academic Research Funding Strategies: Research Development & Grant Writing News

·         Oak Titmouse: Norm was right


$100M and Change from the MacArthur Foundation


The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation has announced a new competition to award a $100 million grant to a single proposal designed to help solve a critical problem affecting people, places, or the planet.  100&Change is open to organizations “working in any field of endeavor anywhere. Applicants must identify both the problem they are trying to solve, as well as their proposed solution. Competitive proposals will be meaningful, verifiable, durable, and feasible.” 


The UC Office of the president UC System wide want to coordinate project ideas to put together strong proposals that involve multiple campuses.  Please contact me ( if you:

·         Would like to lead a project for $100M.

·         Would like to be part of a larger team if one emerges on a topic.  In this case, you might have a $10M idea that could fit into a larger project but not a $100M one. To date, UC wide projects are being considered in

·         Global Climate Change

·         Biomass, including biofuels and green chemistry


The above links include an introductory video at the MacArthur website as well as a menu of detailed project requirements.  Leaders of projects should register at the 100&Change site by September 2; completed proposals are due by October 3, 2016.


Limited Submission:  NSF Partnerships for International Research and Education: July 14  $4M


Partnerships for International Research and Education (PIRE) is an NSF-wide program that supports international activities across all NSF-supported disciplines. The primary goal of PIRE is to support high quality projects in which advances in research and education could not occur without international collaboration. PIRE seeks to catalyze a higher level of international engagement in the U.S. science and engineering community.


International partnerships are essential to addressing critical science and engineering problems. In the global context, U.S.  researchers and educators must be able to operate effectively in teams with partners from different national environments and cultural backgrounds. PIRE promotes excellence in science and engineering through international collaboration and facilitates development of a diverse, globally-engaged, U.S. science and engineering workforce.


This PIRE competition will be open to all areas of science and engineering research which are supported by the NSF. Average award size is $4M.  UCR Internal Limited Applications due 5:00 pm July 14, 2016


NSF Preliminary Proposal Due Date(s) (required) (due by 5 p.m. submitter's local time):     September 14, 2016


Limited Submission:  DOD HBCU/MI Equipment/Instrumentation Grants


The Department of Defense has released BAA W911NF-16-R-0024, Research and Education Program for

Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Minority-Serving Institutions Equipment/Instrumentation. This program will make an estimated 25 awards of $100,000 to $600,000 each for equipment. UCR is eligible and can submit three proposals.


The general aims of the Research and Education Program for HBCU/MI are to (a) enhance research and education programs and capabilities in scientific and engineering disciplines critical to the national security functions of DoD; (b) enhance the capacity of HBCU/MI to participate in DoD research programs and activities; and (c) increase the number of graduates, including underrepresented minorities, in fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). This program is executed under policy and guidance issued by the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering (ASD(R&E)) and is administered by ARO, ONR, and AFOSR.


Proposals are due August 31. The solicitation is available at


While this and the DURIP are both out at the same time, I suggest applying to the DURIP for equipment that is used solely in research and this in equipment that is used in research and education.  Chance of acceptance at UCR and DOD are much higher if you are already funded by DOD and you contact your program officer first.


UCR internal Deadline:  July 14.



California Initiative to Advance Precision Medicine


The Governor and Legislature have come to an agreement on the FY 2016-17 California state budget. Although the final budget still needs to be approved, the California Initiative to Advance Precision Medicine (CIAPM) is anticipated to receive an additional $10 million of funding. Building on previous efforts, CIAPM is planning to release a second Request for Proposals (RFP). Some aspects of the RFP will be written into statute and required by law (required criteria). However, additional criteria can be included. Public input is being solicited to see if there are additional criteria that should be incorporated into the RFP. The public is also being asked to submit nominations for the selection committee that will review the applications.


Please see the CIAPM website for instructions on how to submit comments and nominations: []. Please share this information with your colleagues, as input from diverse public, nonprofit, and private sector stakeholders is appreciated. Responses will be accepted through July 3, 2016. 


Release of the RFP is anticipated soon after the public comment period. You may wish to familiarize yourself with the draft deadlines below; however, please be aware that the dates are subject to change.


DRAFT deadlines and other CIAPM RFP 2016 information:


Request for Proposals Announced

July 5, 2016

Concept Proposals Deadline

August 8, 2016

CIAPM Convening - Proposal Presentations 

August 26, 2016

Notification of Finalists

September 7, 2016

Full Proposal Deadline

October 3, 2016

Awardees Announced

November 1, 2016

Projects Commence

December 2016


Please contact with any questions.



Academic Research Funding Strategies: Research Development & Grant Writing News


The June issue of the Academic Research Funding Strategies newsletter is now available on the web at The index is below.  


Note that this report is for UCR internal use only.  It may not be forwarded to colleagues at other institutions or professional associations.


June 2016

·         Topics of Interest URLs

·         Interdisciplinarity Makes Strange Bedfellows

·         National Microbiome Funding 2016/2017

·         IES Basic Grants Webinar Report

·         Where is NSF Going & Why & Where Will the $’s Be?

·         An Overview of the Big Data Strategic Plan

·         Research Grant Writing Web Resources

·         Educational Grant Writing Web Resources

·         Agency Research News

·         Agency Reports, Workshops & Roadmaps

·         New Funding Opportunities

·         About Academic Research Funding Strategies



Oak Titmouse: Norm was Right


In a recent newsletter, I included a photo of a Tufted Titmouse from New Jersey and compared it to the oak titmouse found near riverside.  I indicated that the Oak Titmouse, formerly known as the “plain titmouse” … lacks the tuft and coloration of the tufted titmouse.


Norm Ellstrand corrected me. The Oak Titmouse really does have a tufted.  Recently I ran across an Oak Titmouse in Paso Robles and the tuft is clearly visible.


Oak Titmouse: California


In general, California has a wide variety of interesting and colorful birds.  However, when it comes to the titmouse, the California variety is indeed plain compared to those in other states.


Bridled Titmouse: Arizona


Black-Crested Titmouse Texas



Tufted Titmouse: New Jersey

(Click to enlarge)






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