UCR Research and Economic Development Newsletter: May 30, 2017

Michael Pazzani

Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development


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Federal Budget: Overview and Opportunities; May 31, 3:30


On May 31, in the Orbach Science Library, Room 240, at 3:30 there will be a presentation and discussion on the federal budget.  Representative from Lewis Burke associates will present info on the proposed budget as it impacts universities.   I forgot the analysis in the last newsletter and waited until I got a good bird photo to resend.


What are indirect costs anyway?


There is much discussion in DC about the budget including F&A (or indirect costs) on grants.  If you have 20 minutes, this video by Sally Rockey (when she was at NIH) presents a clear overview.



Early Career Funding Workshop & COOKIES

Eat cookies and learn about federal funding opportunities, including how to:

∑         Learn about forthcoming funding opportunities

∑         Interact with program officers

∑         Plan a visit to DC

∑         Become a peer reviewer

∑         How to get on advisory committees


Workshop hosted by RED UCRís federal funding consultants, Lewis-Burke Associates, LLC.

Thursday, June 1 at 3:30P in HUB 367


Reminder: NSF CAREER Proposals

If you are applying for an NSF CAREER award and if you finish a complete draft by June 26, mail to vcredadmin@ucr.edu, and we'll hold a panel and review it on July 6 and get you feedback by July 7. Also RED will send you $1000 in a research fund as incentive for finishing early.


If you have reviewed for the NSF program and would like to be on the July 6 CAREER panel, send mail to vcredadmin@ucr.edu,  Panelists will review 5-8 CAREER proposals, get a free lunch, and  $1000 in a research fund.


Here are some UCR specific resources for CAREER


∑         My notes from a recent presentation on CAREER are available at https://www.dropbox.com/s/jd5jv6si11pj2ue/PazzaniCareer17.pdf?dl=0

∑         UCRís Programs for Outreach for Broader Impacts https://www.dropbox.com/s/nvs8saszr710nk4/UCROutreachBroaderImpacts.pdf?dl=0

∑         References on Learning, Education and Assessment for Education Plans


Other Materials from the workshop, sample proposals, and more resources are available at https://research.ucr.edu/ord/proposaldevlopment.aspx  

UCR should create a website with proposal boilerplate

Actually, we have had one for a few years. Itís at https://research.ucr.edu/ord/proposaldevlopment.aspx  


The screen capture below shows how to use it.



Baby Horned Owl

Hereís a photo of a Baby Horned Owl from Bolsa Chica in Huntington Beach.