December 3, 2017


UCR Research and Economic Development Newsletter


Michael Pazzani

Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development

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·     Amazon Web Services for Research

·     Limited Submission: Energy Research Frontier Centers - December 12, 2017

·     Limited Submission: Riverside Public Utilities Energy Innovation Grant

·     Limited Submission: Riverside Public Utilities Water Innovation Grant

·     Possible Collaborative opportunity for CHASS, GSOE, and Data Sciences

·     Updates to CHASS Funding Calendar: Three easy steps to finding funders

·     Upcoming NEH Deadlines

·     Upcoming UC Humanities Research Institute and UC Center for Ideas & Society

·     Haynes Faculty Fellowships

·     Hooded Merganser


Amazon Web Services for Research


UCR's High Performance Computing Center is hosting the following seminar presentation given by a representative of Amazon's AWS team.


Date and time: Thu, Dec 14th from 10:00 - 12:00 PM

Location: Genomics Auditorium (map)

Sign-up for event: here (required)

Online announcement: here


Title of presentation: Introduction to AWS for Research


Presenter: Randy Ridgley - Solutions Architect of the Amazon Web Services Public Sector team; responsible for higher education clients in Southern California



·     Introduction to AWS (1 hour): Overview of Amazon Web Services (AWS), key concepts and terminology for compute, storage, database and networking.

·     AWS for Researchers (1 hour): With AWS scientists can deploy and test software, analyze their data, and share their results with collaborators around the world. This section will include a demonstration how to build HPC clusters in AWS using cfnCluster and AWSBatch



Limited Submission: Energy Research Frontier Centers - 12/12/2017


UCR Internal Deadline: December 12, 2017


After a lengthy delay, the U.S. Department of Energy has released DE-FOA-0001810, Energy Frontier Research Centers. This program will make multiple awards from a $98.8 million pool. Awards are expected to be $2 million to $4 million per year for four years. Cost sharing is not required. 


Every proposal must address at least one Basic Research Need, at least one Grand Challenge, and at least one Transformative Opportunity identified by the Department of Energy. You will need to read the DOE’s reports on these topics (linked in the solicitation) to make a credible proposal. 


Basic Research Needs

·     Basic Research Needs for Future Nuclear Energy

·     Basic Research Needs for Catalysis Science

·     Basic Research Needs for Next Generation Electrical Energy Storage

·     Basic Research Needs for Energy and Water

·     Basic Research Needs for Transformative Experimental Tools

·     Basic Research Needs for Synthesis Science

·     Basic Research Needs for Quantum Materials

·     Controlling Subsurface Fractures and Fluid Flow: A Basic Research Agenda

·     Basic Research Needs for Carbon Capture: Beyond 2020

·     Basic Research Needs for Solid-State Lighting

·     Basic Research Needs for Solar Energy Utilization

·     Basic Research Needs for the Hydrogen Economy


Grand Challenges

·     How do we control material processes at the level of electrons?

·     How do we design and perfect atom- and energy-efficient synthesis of revolutionary new forms of matter with tailored properties?

·     How do remarkable properties of matter emerge from complex correlations of the atomic or electronic constituents and how can we control these properties?

·     How can we master energy and information on the nanoscale to create new technologies with capabilities rivaling those of living things?

·     How do we characterize and control matter away – especially very far away – from equilibrium?


Transformative Opportunities

·     Mastering Hierarchical Architectures and Beyond-Equilibrium Matter

·     Beyond Ideal Materials and Systems: Understanding the Critical Roles of Heterogeneity, Interfaces, and Disorder

·     Harnessing Coherence in Light and Matter

·     Revolutionary Advances in Models, Mathematics, Algorithms, Data, and Computing

·     Exploiting Transformative Advances in Imaging Capabilities across Multiple Scales


UCR may submit only three pre-proposals. An individual may be PI on only one proposal. A 5-page pre-proposal is mandatory and is due January 31, 2018. (In the past, only a letter of intent was required.) Full proposals will be invited and will be due April 11, 2018. If the proposal is for a Renewal, the PI must prepare and submit an extra section of the proposal called Renewal Proposal Products.


Limited Submission: Riverside Public Utilities - Energy Innovation Grant


The City of Riverside Public Utilities Energy Innovations Grant program is an ongoing program that has already contributed over $2 million in research funds to our local Universities. Funding from the program has helped post-secondary institutions look for new ways to advance science and technology in energy-related fields. Over the last five years, the utility industry has seen rapid changes as new technology has entered into the utility field. Riverside Public Utilities is looking to continue its partnerships with higher education institutions to explore ways to utilize technologies available today in order to make energy cleaner, more efficient and reliable.


·     Funding Amount: Up to $100,000

·     Deadline for submission: 1/16/18

·     Application: no more than 3 pages answering how your proposal is an original innovative idea that addresses a California market need from one of the funding categories, how it will provide a clear potential benefit to electric ratepayers, and target one or more of the categories listed below: 

·     Building efficiency

·     Energy quality

·     Distribution system impacts

·     Distributed generation impacts

·     Environmentally-preferred advanced generation

·     Renewable generation utility impacts

·     Energy-related research

·     Strategic energy research

·     Advanced electric transportation research

·     Smart Grid applications

·     Energy efficiency demonstration projects


Limited Submissiom: Riverside Public Utilities - Water Innovation Grant


The City of Riverside Public Utilities Water Innovations Grant Program provides support for local universities as they make advancements in water conservation techniques and procedures.


·     Funding Amount: Up to $50,000

·     Deadline for submission: 1/16/18


·     Application: Propose an original, innovative solution to a significant water issue and provide a clear potential benefit to California water ratepayers in one of these target areas:

·     Landscape water use efficiency

·     Indoor water use efficiency

·     Industrial process efficiency

·     Water reclamation and re-use

·     Water use-related environmental research

·     Strategic water research


Possible Collaborative Opportunity for CHASS, GSOE, and Data Sciences


Due February 28, 2018 and February 25, 2019

Eligibility: no restrictions or limitations


As part of NSF's Harnessing the Data Revolution (HDR), the Directorate for Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences (SBE) seeks to develop user-friendly large-scale next-generation data resources and relevant analytic techniques to advance fundamental research in SBE areas of study. Successful proposals will, within the financial resources provided by the award, construct such databases and/or relevant analytic techniques and produce a finished product that will enable new types of data-intensive research. The databases or techniques should have significant impacts, either across multiple fields or within broad disciplinary areas, by enabling new types of data-intensive research in the SBE sciences.


Updates to CHASS Funding Calendar: Three Easy Steps to Finding Funders


Did you know there is a funding calendar that lists funding opportunities for Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences faculty? It’s new, so follow these three easy steps and check it out:


Step 1: Go to the CHASS website ( and click on the strawberry (also says “GET GRANTS!”) at the bottom left of the page.

Step 2: Under “Resources for Research” (left column), click on “Pivot and Grant, Fellowship Funding Calendars”

Step 3: Click on the main tab (UCR CHASS) for all populated listings, or on the individual tab (Humanities, Arts, or Social Sciences) that lists the type of funding you are looking for.


NOTE: Calendar listings are added as new funders are identified. Help make the calendar better by sending funders or funding ideas to


Upcoming NEH Deadlines



·     Dec 5: Sustaining Cultural Heritage Collections

·     Dec 6: Collaborative Research Grants

·     Dec 6: Scholarly Editions and Translations Grants

·     Jan 10, 2018: Media Projects: Development Grants

·     Jan 10: Media Projects: Production Grants

·     Jan 10: Public Humanities Projects

·     Jan 11: National Digital Newspaper Program

·     Jan 16: Digital Humanities Advancement Grants


Upcoming UC Humanities Research Institute and UCR Center for Ideas $ Society Deadlines


UC Humanities Research Institute (UCHRI):

Coming up (with deadlines)

·     Dec 8: Residential Research Group Fellowships Fall 2018: Lab in Residence: Tinkering with Feminist and Social Justice Science Methods

·     Dec 8: Short-term Collaborative Research Residency, 2018-19

·     Dec 8: Conference Grants, 2018-19

·     Dec 8: Digital Humanities Grant, 2018-19

·     Dec 8: Graduate Student Dissertation Support, 2018-19

·     Dec 8: Residential Research Group (RRG): Topic Proposals, 2019-20

·     Jan 30, 2018: UC President’s Faculty Research Fellowships in the Humanities, 2018-19


UCR’s Center for Ideas & Society (CIS)

Coming up (with deadlines)

·     Ongoing: Event Cosponsoring

·     Feb 12, 2018: Second Project Fellowships

·     Feb 12: Humanities Interdisciplinary Project (HIP) Awards

·     Feb 12: Conference Awards

·     Feb 12: Humanities Graduate Student Research Grants


Haynes Faculty Fellowships


Haynes Faculty Fellowships are awarded by the Foundation on an annual basis to social science faculty members teaching at any university or four-year college based in the Los Angeles Region (which includes Riverside). The fellowships are competitive and favor is given to proposals which are well-conceived, innovative, imaginative, and break new ground on economic, social and political problems in the Los Angeles Region.


Eight awards are available at $12,000 each.

Deadlines: December 12, 2017 December 13, 2018


Hooded Merganser


The Hooded Merganser is the bird that got me interested in bird watching. It's a small migrating duck that would visit a lake by my house in New Jersey in the winter. They also come to Riverside. I saw one Friday morning on the small pond (reservoir) on Canyon Crest just past the citrus groves in UCR's Agricultural Operations. I didn't cancel any meetings Friday and waited until Saturday to get a closer view.


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