Office of Research, UC Riverside



Staff Listing

Dierk Biggs

Vivarium Operations Manager
Ph: (951) 827-5580

Randall Black

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Director of Research Development
Ph: 951-827-4889

Krassimir Bozhilov

Director, Central Facility for Advanced Microscopy and Micro
Ph: (951) 827-2998

Scott Brovsky

Associate Director, Regional Engagement
Ph: 951-827-9218

Marcy Brown

ORI Affiliate
Ph: 9518274818

Kris Carpenter

Senior Contract and Grant Officer
Ph: (951) 827-3377

Lorraine Joy Castro

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Research Integrity Analyst
Ph: (951) 827-5549

Brianna Cates

Senior Administrative Officer
Ph: (951) 827-6411

Robert Chan

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Principal Contact & Grant Officer
Ph: (951) 827-6194

Sherie Donahue

Research Integrity Analyst
Ph: 951-827-4814

Teeny Ellis

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Senior Contract and Grant Officer
Ph: 951-827-2205

Imran Angelov Farooq

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Ph: 951-268-9591

Stan Fletcher

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Director, Systems Management
Ph: 951-827-4801

Gloria Gallego

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Administrative Assistant
Ph: 951-827-6332

Karen Garcia

Senior Contract & Grant Officer
Ph: (951) 827-3692

Jay Gilberg

I-Corps Instructor and Entrepreneur in Residence
Ph: 951-827-5579

Charles Greer, Jr.

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Associate Vice Chancellor for Research
Ph: 951-827-3093

Ken Gruys

Entrepreneur in Residence
Ph: (951) 827-7941

Panqing He

Senior Contract and Grant Officer
Ph: (951) 827-7986

Lynda Jenkins

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Senior Grant Writer/Facilitator
Ph: (951) 827-5571

Crystal Jimenez

Administrative Officer
Ph: (951) 827-4817

Dario Kuzmanovic

Assistant Vice Chancellor, Research Integrity
Ph: (951) 827-4818

Tim LeFort

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Principal Sponsored Programs Officer
Ph: 951-827-2717

James Llano

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Associate Director Strategic Partnerships
Ph: (951) 827-4808

Misty Madero

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Industry Contracts Officer
Ph: (951) 827-2210

Laura Manor

Chief Financial and Administrative Officer
Ph: (951) 827-4815

Marisela Martinez

Executive Administrative Specialist
Ph: (951) 827-7698

Ian Naftzger

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Education Specialist
Ph: (951) 827-5524

Rosibel Ochoa

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Associate Vice Chancellor Technology Partnerships
Ph: 951-827-5565

Alexandra Orozco

Associate Director, International Partnerships
Ph: 951-827-9217

Joyce Patrona

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Licensing Officer
Ph: 951-827-2524

David Pearson

Managing Director, Entrepreneurial Programs
Ph: 951-827-9216

Ursula Prins

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PreAward Manager
Ph: 951-827-4968

Karina Quezada

Administrative Assistant III
Ph: (951) 827-4802

Carolina Rosas Saavedra

Entrepreneur in Residence
Ph: 951-827-4772

Arthur Salyer

Entrepreneur in Residence
Ph: (951) 827-7941

Akiko Sato

Campus Veterinarian
Ph: 951-827-5845

Le'Kneitah Smith

Citrus Containment Director
Ph: (951) 312-6905

Patricia Steen

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Compliance Analyst, Office of Research Integrity
Ph: 951-827-4809

Brian Suh

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Director, Technology Commercialization
Ph: (951) 827-5578

Judy Swineford

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Executive Assistant, Technology Partnerships
Ph: (951) 827-7941

Mai Temraz


Rodolfo Torres

Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development
Ph: (951) 827-4800

Victoria Van Mouwerik

Senior Contract and Grant Officer
Ph: (951) 827-4936

Cynthia Wells

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Assistant Vice-Chancellor, Sponsored Programs
Ph: 951-827-4918

Monica Wicker

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Research Integrity Analyst
Ph: 951-827-4811

Gillian Wilson

Senior Associate Vice Chancellor, Research and Economic Development
Ph: (951) 827-6274

Timothy Wolfe

Senior Contract and Grant Officer
Ph: (951) 827-5547

Thomas Wong

Financial Analyst
Ph: (951) 827-2465

Grace Yee

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Senior Licensing Officer
Ph: (951) 827-2212

Jennifer Yturralde

Programs and Outreach Specialist
Ph: (951) 827-7947