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Frequently Asked Questions - Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC)

1. What is the Institutional Biosafety Committee?

2. What does the IBC review?

3. Are there activities that do not require IBC review?

4. How do I determine which section of the NIH Guidelines apply to my research?

5. What is a BUA and how do I submit for IBC review?

6. Can I begin work immediately after I submit my BUA?

7. What are the NIH Guidelines?

8. What are Recombinant and Synthetic Nucleic Acid Molecules?

9. I’ve determined that my work involving recombinant or synthetic nucleic acids is Exempt from the NIH Guidelines – do I still need to submit to the IBC?

10. Who can be a Principal Investigator (PI) on a Biological Use Authorization (BUA)?

11. I’ve submitted my BUA. Now what happens? How long does it take for a BUA to be approved?

12. How long is the BUA approval period?

13. When do I need to amend an approved BUA?

14. Do I need to register my select biological agent or toxin? What do I need to do if I am working with a Select Toxin even at exempt quantities?

15. Is IBC approval required for the use of immortal/established human cell lines?

16. How do I check if my personnel have completed the required trainings to be listed as an approved user of biohazardous materials?

17. What is OBA?

18. What is RAC?

19. Where can I get my training records?

20. What training am I required to complete and where can I access it?

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