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Office of Research Integrity

Frequently Asked Questions - Research Misconduct (RM) Allegations

1. What is Research Misconduct (RM)?

2. What is UCR’s policy regarding Research Misconduct?

3. As a researcher, what are some evidence-based best practices that are available to me in leading and managing a lab?

4. I suspect that Research Misconduct is occurring in my lab, but I’m not sure if I should report it. Where can I go for advice?

5. Who is involved in Research Misconduct review?

6. Are the names of Research Misconduct review participants kept confidential?

7. To whom can I report research misconduct?

8. What should I do if I am accused of Research Misconduct?

9. What are the main steps in the Research Misconduct review process?

10. What are the possible outcomes of the Research Misconduct review process?

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