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Frequently Asked Questions - IRB TEST

1. What is an IRB?

2. Does my study require IRB review and approval?

3. What other documents should I include in my IRB application?

4. I have submitted my application, what’s next?

5. I, or members of my research team, need to take the required human subjects training. Where can I find that?

6. Do my Faculty Advisor (if student) & Department Chair really need to sign the IRB application?

7. What are the different types of IRB review?

8. What is the difference then between “Exempt” review and “Not Human Subjects Research” determination?

9. If my study application needs to go to a Full Board review, what are the meeting dates?

10. Does it make a difference if my study receives federal funding?

11. Are you available to meet with me to discuss my research?

12. What is a waiver of informed consent and how do I apply for one?

13. What is a waiver of documentation of informed consent?

14. My study is ongoing and I need to update or add a procedure, survey, interview questions, subjects, personnel, a research site, compensation, etc. Do I need to inform the IRB?

15. When should I close out my IRB application?

16. Can I conduct human subjects research using prisoners as participants?

17. What is HIPAA and what do I need to do about it?

18. I am a non-UC researcher at another campus who would like to access UCR participants, what do I need to do?

19. I want to start a drug trial, device trial or am not sure if my research with a drug or newly developed device falls under the purview of FDA regulated or clinical trials. Can you help me?

20. What does it mean to be 'Engaged in Research'?

21. I’m conducting a project which uses an Oral History methodology, do I need IRB review?

22. When do I need to give the Experimental Subject's Bill of Rights form to my research participants?

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