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Partial Fee Remission (Tuition & Student Services Fee) and GSHIP


Please see the Graduate Student Fees and Tuition Remission page of this website for remission eligibility criteria.

Facilities and Administrative Costs (indirect costs) are not assessed on fee and tuition remission when using the modified total direct cost (MTDC) base described in UCR's Rate Agreement with the Department of Health and Human Services.




& Beyond
escalate by:

Partial Fee Remission -- Resident and Non-Resident Students (1), which consists of Tuition and Student Services Fees, broken down as follows:



  • Tuition




  • Student Services Fee
































3% (Tuition)*



5% (Student Services Fee)

Non-Resident Supplemental Tuition Remission (NRSTR)




Not Advanced to Candidacy/10th quarter and beyond after advancing to candidacy




Advanced to Candidacy (2)


$0 $0


Graduate Student Health Insurance



Effective Fall 2011, University Education Fee and Fee Remission are the same for resident and nonresident students.

(1) Partial Fee Remission rate consists of Tuition + Student Services Fee. Tuition is estimated to gradually increase, pegged to the rate of inflation. (It is projected that the national rate of inflation should remain between 2% - 3% through 2023; however, that projection is subject to change.)*  Student Services Fee are projected to increase annually by 5%.

(2) UC Office of the President policy provides for a one hundred percent (100%) reduction in nonresident tuition for eligible doctoral students for the nine quarters following advancement to candidacy. After nine quarters, non-resident doctoral students are subject to full tuition.